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06 Mar 2017

Exciting Updates for Spring 2017

There are some exciting updates that I’d like to share with you. We will be advertising in Wild West Magazine this spring, featuring the Timeline of the Old West products. The Timeline is our most ambitious product to date and it includes 75 of the (arguably) most influential people, events and inventions that shaped the 19th century west into the country we have today. As you know, we introduced this product at Country Christmas at the NFR last December and I’m excited to start to get it into broader exposure.

Also, we have renewed our ad with Cowboys & Indians Magazine for another spot this spring, featuring our most successful product line, the Western Saddle Stools. Our Saddle Stools continue to delight folks with their amazing ability to transform a room into a western lifestyle statement. I’m looking forward to moving them also into commercial spaces this spring.

Saddle up and get ready. We’ll be galloping into a busy spring season!

23 Jan 2017

Sorry for the Delays

Apologies to all our customers that were expecting deliveries this week. We have been closed, ironically enough here in drought stricken Southern California, for flooding. We had to evacuate the horses twice and sandbag the shop just to keep from floating away. The weather forecast says that we should be drying out later today, 23 January. So, back to work tomorrow and I project that we should be able to catch up next week.
Once again, I apologize for the delays and thank you for your forbearance.

13 Dec 2016


For all of you that stopped by to see us and introduce yourselves at Stetson Country Christmas, held in conjunction with NFR the last 2 weeks, we thank you! It is always great to meet our customers face-to-face and to show off our products. It seems that the Western Saddle Bar Stools were the biggest success of the show. At least once we told everyone that they were stools and that we were not refurnishing old saddles. Thank-you as well for all the kind comments. It seems that there is a bar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming that has similar western saddle stools at its bar, but all of you agreed that ours were nicer and our swivel motion was a big hit.

If you have not yet seen them, please check them out here
Also, our new fine art products including western icons of bison and historic landmarks in original paintings in acrylic on canvas and photography of Barbed Boundaries and Westbound Wagon Wheels got many favorable reactions.

Finally, the Timeline of the Old West was as interesting to many of you as it is to me. The interactions of influencers of 200 years ago and their impact on today offers a fascinating reflection of today’s world through patinaed lenses.

Again, thanks to all who visited us.

28 Nov 2016

Look for us at Stetson Country Christmas!

Yep, we’ll be in downtown Las Vegas December 1-11, displaying at Stetson Country Christmas.  Between your times at the NFR, we look forward to seeing you there.  Booth 4084.

07 Sep 2016

Saddle Stools Are Rolling Out of the Shop!

They look as if they start as roadside rubble but end up both as furniture and as a work of art.  The western saddle stools are rolling out of the shop, thanks to your enthusiastic response!

25 Mar 2016

Tell Your Friends!

Since the initial website launch we have been busy trying to get the word out about Ponderosa Ranch Outfitters and our unique product line for you discerning western or lodge style homeowners.  You may have seen us on Facebook, or on posters displayed at tack shops.  Soon you’ll be seeing us advertised in Cowboys & Indians as well as Pro Rodeo Sports News and Wild West.

Help us get the word out!  Please like us and follow us on Facebook and tell your friends.

As soon as we get our name out there, we’ll go back to adding more new products.  In the development hopper now are wall art and equestrian items.

All you cowboys and cowgirls, give us a shout, and let us know what you’ve been looking for.  We’ll get your thoughts onto our roadmap!



26 Feb 2016

New Association

I am delighted to report that a very talented former colleague has agreed to work with us on the development of our next product line. I can’t say too much about this new product line, but it will be a place of honor for some of the most influential animals in the development of the West and it will be a great addition to your decor! We will certainly be showing it in Las Vegas next December!

02 Feb 2016


As we build our product line the hardest part is to decide
where to start. Should we start with the products that will have the biggest
impact on your décor? Should we start with the most influential animal
partners, horses, cattle, bison? All will have a place of honor in our products,
but where to begin?