Historic Old West Wall Art Historic Old West Wall Art - The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas

Historic Old West Wall Art

Historic Old West Wall Art

This category of Historic Old West Wall Art includes the original artworks of Historic Western Structures of acrylic on canvas paintings of Kit Carson’s Home in Taos, New Mexico  and The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.  Both are also available as limited edition prints.

Kit Carson, born in 1809 was a trapper, guide, frontiersman, soldier in the US Army and later spokesperson for the rights of Native Americans.  Carson spent much of his life in New Mexico, where his home still stands in Taos as reminder of the history of the old west.

The Alamo, was a Franciscan mission building built by Spanish settlers along the banks of the San Antonio River in or around 1718 when this geography was part of Mexico.  The Alamo, has become known as a pivotal event in the Texas War of Independence and subsequently as a symbol of the spirit of American independence.  In February 1836, the 200 men at The Alamo, survived a 13 day siege by the troops, numbering in the thousands, of Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna.  Ultimately the Alamo was overrun and the victims included their commanders, James Bowie and William Travis and David Crocket, frontiersman, soldier, former US congressman, and folk hero.  This became a galvanizing moment for Texas to declare its independence from Mexico and subsequently to become the Lone Star Republic.  Today, the Alamo stands not only as a building in San Antonio, Texas but it stands as well as a symbol of America’s indomitable spirit of independence.

The artist, Gary Joseph Photography, incorporates photography, digital imaging and real wet paint to achieve fresh and intriguing works of art.  These extraordinary pieces are a marriage between the realism of a photograph and the distinct richness of an oil painting. After the paintings are pigment on canvas they are then painted with wet acrylic gels and mediums, fluid acrylics and other acrylic paints. These lavish layers of hand finished artistry bring out the most subtle of details.

We, the folks of Ponderosa Ranch Outfitters, hope you like your one-of-a kind, made in USA, creations.

Kit Carson’s Home
16″ X 30″ Canvas Wrap  $    1,500
16″ X 30″ Limited Edition Print  $        150
8″ X 15″ Limited Edition Print  $          30
The Alamo
24″ X 36″ Canvas Wrap  $    1,800
24″ X 36″ Limited Edition Print  $        275
8″ X 12″ Limited Edition Print  $          25





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