Iconic Images of the West - Barbed Wire fence photo Iconic Images of the West - Wagon Wheels photo

Iconic Images of the West

Barbed Wire, Wagon Wheels

These Iconic Images of the West Series of wall art, depicts  images of the west, both shaping the Old West and remaining as enduring symbols today. These symbolic images represent  inventions that both, played an important role in settling the western United States and which are still elements of the modern western landscape. These prints are high resolution photographs of structures that are almost as common a part of the western landscape as are horses or longhorns.

The first in the series is Barbed Boundaries.  Barbed Boundaries depicts a lonely image of the immense spaces trying to be tamed for the cattlemen of the Old West and today. Barbed wire is often considered one of the most important inventions of the Old West.

The second in the series is Wagon Wheels Rolling West. Wagon Wheels Rolling West shows a haunting image of the main mode of transportation in the days of the pioneers moving westward.

The third in the series is Windmills, coming soon, a colorful image of one of the main sources of water in the quest to settle in the arid plains during the 19th century.

We, the folks of Ponderosa Ranch Outfitters, hope you like your one-of-a kind, made in USA, creations.

Barbed Boundaries
24″ X 36″ Limited Edition Print  $        450
8″ X 12″ Print  $          25
Wagon Wheels Rolling West
24″ X 36″ Limited Edition Print  $        450
8″ X 12″ Print  $          25





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