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Native American Drums

Native American Drums and drum making is and has been inextricably intertwined with the culture, land, nature and the spirituality of the Native American peoples for thousands of years.  The process of drum making starts with the selection of materials from the earth itself and ends with their use in spiritual ceremonial dances.

These drums are built in the original painstaking manner from logs of native trees that are hollowed and strung with natural cowhides.  Each is a creation that assumes the personality, tone and timber of the natural materials and of the drums size.  Native American Drums can be used as furniture or simply accent pieces, adding texture, color, and native American highlights to your home, ranch or lodge.  They pair very well with many of the other bison and western pieces from Ponderosa Ranch Outfitters.

Drums are available in a number of standard sizes shown in the table below.  The ones in the photos are 15” diameter (across the head) by 19 inches tall.   If you need a special size, please simply give us a call for a make-to-order design.

We, the folks of Ponderosa Ranch Outfitters, hope you like your one-of-a kind, made in USA, creations.

Diameter (in) Height (in) Price (USD)
12 12 $160
15 19 $260
15 22 $288
18 22 $396
24 16 $480
36 19 $1300

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