Pictorial Timeline of the Old West Pictorial Timeline of the Old West

Timeline of the Old West

Pictorial History of the Old West

This pictorial Timeline of the Old West, depicts in a clear and beautifully elegant manner the interactions of People, Events, Cultural Clashes and Inventions that shaped America in the 1800’s.

In the development of the United States, the Old West holds a special place in our hearts through its heroes, legends, romance, and cultural influence it has had on the America of today. Moreover, the Old West captures our imagination because it embodies the independence of the American people, our spirit of adventure, the grandeur of the wide open spaces, and the magnificence of nature and its untamed wilderness. It includes the folk heroes that were instrumental in the formation of the American ideal, including trappers, mountain men, explorers, cowboys and even outlaws. It embodies the cultural clash of the Native Americans and the European settlers and the inventions that shaped the world as we know it.

When you study the Timeline of the Old West, look not just at the individuals and events, but at the overlap of the timelines that show how developments in communication, transportation, domestic developments and weaponry had a huge influence on the events of the day and how the settlement of the western US progressed. For example, how would the cattle ranches that brought the cowboys have been possible without the invention of cheap and effective barbed wire for fences? And how could cattle have been watered in much of the arid plains until the broad implementation of wind driven pumps for water with windmills?

An especially relevant question is, “When exactly was the Old West?” Some historians start as early as 50,000 BC when it is thought that the Paleo-Siberians first migrated across the Bering Strait land bridge into North America. Some historians start as late as 1830 with the Indian Removal Act and Joseph Smith’s founding of the Mormon religion. I have chosen to start at the first major exploration of the Louisiana Purchase with the Lewis & Clark Expedition of 1804.

The Timeline of the Old West is more than simply an historical reference; it is an artistic and photographic trip through the 19th century. The Timeline is designed to be displayed and to be a source of many discussions.  Therefore, it is available framed in raw edge, natural oak with bark-on to accentuate its beautiful graphics that illustrate that time period. It becomes a transforming focal point for your western style home, ranch or lodge.

We, the folks of Ponderosa Ranch Outfitters, hope you like your one-of-a kind, made in USA, creations.


Project Price
Timeline – Unframed  26″ x 36″

Oak Framed Timeline 26″ x 36″




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