Western Wagon Wheel Chandelier Western Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Western Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Western Wagon Wheel Chandelier


Few decorative items can add provide the impact in a western ranch or lodge room that the Ponderosa Ranch Outfitters’ Western Wagon Wheel Chandelier can provide. At once it is both an iconic reminder of the heritage of the old west with its simulated, flickering candle flame and with highly efficient, LED lighting aimed to illuminate your task, your dining table, or your work surface.

Wagon Wheel Chandelier’s Historic Precedent

The wagon wheel basis for the chandelier is the authentic steam bent, hickory wagon wheel that is also used in the wagon wheel stand-alone piece. This alone is an eye catching addition to your décor.  Additionally, the glass chimneys are internally illuminated with the flickering light that recalls the candle lit period of the 19th century.  

Modern Technology

These simulated candle flames are provided by LED modules that use fractional wattage and provide long life. Consequently, these can be a continuously operating and providing ambiance for fractions of a cent a day. The primary light sources are hidden between the spokes of the wagon wheel and aimed downward at your target surface to be illuminated. These light sources provide efficiency in two ways. The light sources are LEDs that operate at a few watts each. Second, by aiming the light at the target dining table or surface that you intend to illuminate, you do not waste power by flooding the room with unwanted glare. 

Our western wagon wheel chandeliers are available in 3 styles, specifically sized for your application and ceiling height. The small size is a 24 inch wheel that typically works in a room with up to 9 foot ceilings and can adequately illuminate a dining table up to 10 or 12 feet. The medium size is designed around a 36 inch wheel, which will work well in a space with a higher vaulted ceilings up to about 18 feet. 

Finally, for the most impressive cathedral spaces, either residential or commercial, the two tier chandelier has the smaller, higher mounted wheel providing a general up-light with the lower tier providing the downlights, aimed at your targets.

All of the chandelier products are wired to be controlled by a single wall switch unless you advise that you have separate circuits available for independent switching. All also have rubbed bronze chain for central point hanging. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. 

We, the folks of Ponderosa Ranch Outfitters, hope you like your one-of-a kind, made in USA, creations.

Project Diameter Price (USD)
Wagon Wheel Chandelier 24″ $1,400
Wagon Wheel Chandelier 36″ $1,500

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