Summer Fun: Western Trivia Answers

July 17, 2017


1) Who is this fictional cowboy who starred in Hanna Barbera’s Emmy Award winning TV cartoon?

A) This is the one and only Quick draw McGraw.  Quick Draw was a sheriff in a series of cartoons set in the Old West.  Quick Draw was often accompanied by his deputy, a Mexican burro named Baba Looey .  Both were voiced by Daws Butler.  All 45 of his cartoons that originally aired between 1959 and 1962 were written by Michael Maltese, known best for his work at the Warner Bros. cartoon studio. The cartoon was one of six TV shows to win an Emmy Award in 1960.

Quick Draw with Baba Looey

2) What is the upright portion at the back of the saddle seat that is a backrest and support to help keep the rider in the saddle, as well as anchoring the bars of the saddle tree?

A) The upright portion at the back of the saddle seat is called the cantle.  According to our friends at Horse SaddleShop, the cantle height, angle and style can be varied to accommodate the rider and the needs of the riders for what task is being done from the saddle.

Photo courtesy of Freckers Saddlery

3) What animal is the official Mammal of the United States?

A)  The official mammal of the United States is the North American bison.  The bison’s status was upgraded by the National Bison Legacy Act signed into law by then President Barack Obama on May 9, 2016.  This is a great milestone for an animal that once faced extinction at the turn of the 19th century. The bison has played a central role in America’s history and culture, helped shape the Old West, and continues to be an iconic symbol of the west.  In July 2017, the National Bison Association kicked off their Bison One Million Campaign with the goal of restoring one million bison to North America.

American Bison - Buffalo - acrylic on canvas
North American Bison – National Mammal of the USA
Bison Cowboy Old West