Summer Fun!

June 26, 2017

Howdy and greetings from Ponderosa Ranch Outfitters! It’s hard to believe that summer is upon us, but the 100+ temperatures, bring that reality to our notice, quickly. I sure am thankful that we installed our solar panels last year.

If you have not yet been following our Facebook posts, please do. We have put a lot more effort into our Facebook page, including some personal images from here at the Ponderosa Ranch. It’s easy to follow us. First, go to our Facebook page. Simply click on the Facebook script f logo on the top of our Home page. Then click on the Follow or Like icons.

New Products:
Here at the Ranch we’re getting ready for our next new product launches. Our next products will continue the theme of rustic, western ranch décor and unique artistic creations using natural wood and iconic western hardware. SPOILER ALERT: Upcoming will be a beautiful, wall mounted wine rack using horseshoes and cowhide and some smaller items including PRO branded coasters. So stay tuned…

Now for today’s PRO Western trivia. Shoot me the correct answers by July 4, 2017 to be entered into a drawing for 10% off your next purchase at Ponderosa Ranch Outfitters. (You may Facebook message us for an [admittedly, obscure] hint):

1) Who is this fictional cowboy who starred in Hanna Barbera’s Emmy Award winning TV cartoon?

2) What is the upright portion at the back of the saddle seat that is a backrest and support to help keep the rider in the saddle, as well as anchoring the bars of the saddle tree?

3) What animal is the official Mammal of the United States?

Old West